How PUBG Became So Popular? Success Story

Player Unknown Battle Ground or PUBG is most popular game today and almost everyone knows name of . wherever we go you will heard the word PUBG, Almost all young generation are fond of this game and most of them are became addictive. In this article I will tell you how this game get viral and successful in very low marketing budget and what is the sources of income for PUBG.

Game Format

100 Players sit an airplane and land an Island with the help of parachute , when players land they have to find and collect weapons and armors, after that they have to eliminate other players from the game and survive till end to win the game.

Origin of Game

ARMA II was a Popular video game which allow users create Mods (Mods- players can change game format & other details and create own game as per requirement ), Mr. Brendan Greene who is a web developer and photographer who usually play ARMA II, create his own game Mode name “battle royale” which based on a Japanese movie, in few days this Mode become Popular among others players and Mode get successful. Now Peoples know the name of .

At the same time some representative of  “Bluehole” a South Korean based game developer company meet with Mr. Brendan Green, they impressed with Idea of Brendan Green and Bluehole started development to make game in reality and appoint  Mr. Brendan Green as a Creative Director for this new project. Project had begun on early 2016 and 23rd Mar 2017 they have provided early access of PUBG on “STEAM” ( a platform for playing & buying video game ), Within two months they have sold 2 Millions copies.

On Dec’17 PUBG officially launched and PUBG Hits instantly, after that they have launched PUBG Mobile and it is also became popular in very less time.

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Marketing and Sales Strategy

Marketing Strategy and the game launch timing are play important role to make game successful. Between Jan to Mar 17 period video game viewership Slips 45% down and big video game makers does not have any new ideas at the same time PUBG team observing current market scenario very well and find opportunity for them.

PUBG Team make contact with some Youtubers and gaming influencer and gave them early access of PUBG, who used to show game live streaming on Youtube and other platform with their viewers , when they shared PUBG live streaming with their fans the game reached to more people and become popular in short time.

The way of Marketing is totally different from main stream and saves huge marketing cost. If you believe that this strategy is not work then go and watch any youtube gaming channel, almost every gaming channels stream live PUBG with their viewers. Not only that PUBG Team organised several Tournaments for the players and shared attractive prizes with them help game more viral.

Revenue Model

PUBG ( Player Unknown Battle Ground ) Team earns mainly from five ways.

  • PUBG earns from selling PUBG copies, till now they have sold 6+ Crore copies, these are available on website and lots of e-commerce platform.
  • In-App Purchase , Players can buy Weapons and armory within game which are mainly locked for normal users.
  • Advertisements is another source of income of PUBG Team.
  • Merchandise and Accessories are the  additional source of income.
  • Also PUBG Company earns from Tournaments organised for players.

PUBG done $1 Billion business in 2018 , which is mostly came from via copies sold.

China is biggest market for PUBG followed by India and US.



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