The OnePlus 9 comes with a Fast charger in the box

We have got first official look of OnePlus 9 two days back, along with a confirmed release date, and another titbit of information that it will come with a charger in the box, unlike recent flagships including the Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12.

Company’s post a message thread on their community forum, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said that the 9 will ship with a charger in the box. Recently, Big giants like Apple and Samsung stopped including chargers with their flagship devices, quoting environmental benefits and saying that customers already had the adaptors anyhow. We are out on the environmental impact of the move, rather to surely benefit to the companies’ bottom lines.

OnePlus is in a totally different position, obviously. One of its phones’ distinguishing features has fast wired charging. The OnePlus 9 has rumours to include 45W fast charging and would be no exception. Including a charger with box that allows customers to take benefit of that feature only makes sense.

While there are lots of leaks and rumours, we still lack of many confirmed details about the upcoming OnePlus 9, but that will modify shortly. OnePlus announced 2 days back that the 9 series will unveiling on March 23rd. The company also confirmed that they have collaborate with Hasselblad and done three-year partnership for future OnePlus device cameras.

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