Indian Android App Store – Paytm Mini App Store Launched

People Demands an from long time and finally Paytm Comes in picture and Launched Paytm Mini App Store.

Google Removed Paytm last month from Playstore due to Violation of Policy however it get returns within 4 hours, but it shows Google Power As Paytm payment is direct rival of Google Pay.

So Paytm Takes it seriously and want to counter google and developed Its own which is an Indian Android App Store.

Does it able to stand against google playstore?, hu well answer is not that simple, it may be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ both.

Many Developers Unhappy and angry with Google due to Charges increased by Google For Playstore and seeking some other platform.

Paytm Mini App Store ( Indian Android App Store ) Could become Playstore Alterernate for these unsatisfied developers in near Future! Why? Lets check.

Paytm Plays Masterstroke With no charges for publishing and distribution of any app from Publishers which is very good.

Although if your app has In-App Purchase Feature then you have to pay 2% charges incase of debit & Credit Card but For Paytm Wallet, Paytm Payment Bank and UPI no charges applicable.

So If you are a developer Or you have small business then this platform is perfect.

How Paytm Mini App Store Works? Well The apps you get on this Indian Android App Store is lite version and best thing is you dont have to download it to use.

Yes you dont have to install its work similar to Gooogle Playstore “Try Now” Feature. It is Custom Built Mobile Website and you can use app on any android old or new that’s great.

The Next question is how many companies done partnership with paytm? , The answer is 300+ Brands like Dominos, Ola, Netmeds, 1mg, Rapido and many more.

So What you think can Paytm give tough competition to google? Pls comment.


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