Google AMP Pages : Enable AMP For A WordPress Website

What is it?

Accelerated Mobile Pages ( AMP ) a Google-backed an open source project designed to help web publishers to have pages load quickly on mobile devices. Google AMP help to improve your website performance and ranking on search pages. Search engines prefer to Crawled pages/URL which takes less time to load. AMP Project was announced by Google on 7 Oct 2015 and appeared to web users in Feb 2016.

How To Enable Google AMP Properly

Want to enable Google AMP on your WordPress Website? initially, you may face difficulty to choose Right AMP as there are several Plugins available in WP, So What you should do? it is recommended to Choose official plugin which is AMP by VIP, XWP, Google, and contributors or you can select other plugins as well.

I am going to show you each and every step that helps you to enable for a WordPress Website Properly.

So let’s get begin

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and Click on Add New under Plugins section.

Now type AMP in the Search bar, where you will find Plugin AMP by VIP, XWP, Google, and contributors, Install this plugin and Activate it.

Once you activate the plugin go to AMP – General for Set-up

Within AMP General Setting you will find 3 options – Native, Paired and Classic


If you set AMP on Classic settings then your colonial URL will replace with AMP URL on mobile and post realigned with AMP Template.


If you go with this setting your original page format remains the same but main URL replaced with AMP URL.

Native (Recommended)

I personally like native setting because if you keep this on your page speed work on AMP but your blog post format and original URL will unchanged.

Your website ready to serve pages in AMP, but wait for few more setting required. You have to accept all Error Index to serve pages/articles better.

Now you can see the speed of your website drastically increased.


Enable Adsense Ads on Google AMP Pages

Post AMP implementation on your website Manual ads do not work on AMP pages even auto ads don’t work either. You have to enable Auto AMP Ads which is specially designed by Google for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Go to your Google Adsense account and click on auto Ads, you will find an option ‘Auto Ads for AMP ‘ just Turn it on.

Now you will find 2 Scripts codes which need to place in your website.

Copy These Script codes and go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Editor under Appearance section Now Click on Theme Header and insert First Adsense Script below <head> and second script code below <body> and update file.

Usually, Adsense Ads will appear on your website within 20 mins but for my case, it takes 48 hours.

Note: These Step will work on Native Setting only, for other settings you have to place codes on AMP Header and Body

I hope this article will help you to set AMP Pages for your website, Did I missed something? please mention it in the comment section.


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