Best Android games offline you can play : Top 10 Picks

Many of us like to play games on our smartphones in spare time, also these days mobiles are coming with great hardware to play games without lag, but due to the lack of proper internet connectivity most games stuck and lagging while playing. So I am going to tell you Top 10 which you can play without internet.


It is the most popular & downloaded endless running game which is developed by the ‘Kiloo and Sybo’. Players have to keep running without getting caught by Cop with a dog. you also have to be careful from running trains on the track. while running you can collect coins and other things to unlock goodies like jetpacks, jumping shoes etc. This game can play both online and offline.

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This RPG action game is the combination of fighting and shooting games. it has cool graphics which make me remember my childhood, you have to face against many zombies, monsters and you can test your shooting skills as well. it is simple and one of the best android games offline you can play. it can be played offline or you can play with your friend online.

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Glow Hockey is another interesting and addictive game, you can play with A.I. or with another player. The finger needs to move to hit the ball and make a goal to score, who scored more win the match. you can choose multiple modes Easy, Medium, hard etc as per your preference .it simple and You can play this Android game offline anywhere anytime.

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Pacman is the legendary game and it has their own legacy. it is a 38-year-old game which was played more than any other games. The player navigates Pac-man through a maze containing dots and four multicolor ghosts – Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. The goal of the game is to eat all the dots and complete the ‘Stage’ and starting the next Stage. Post-installation for few set-ups you require an internet connection and once set-up has done you can play the game offline anytime.

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If you love to play or watch sports then you will love this game. Game controls of Badminton League are very simple, responsive and user-friendly. Graphics of the game is very cool, Players customizations available via multiple items. You can play with your friends in 1 vs 1 mode, or choose to play in Tournament Mode to grab Badminton League trophy. This game can play both online and offline.

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Hit and knock down is another simple and addictive game which is not fancy but interesting to play in spare time. In this game, you have to hit targets with limited balls to complete the level. There are two modes in the game- Ball limit Mode: Hit the can, Break dishes, Score target, Hit the fruit  & Time limit mode: Hit the folder target, Shoot the parachute, Hit the oil drums, Hit the roly-poly toy.

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If you like to play word games then you will definitely love this word puzzle game Pictoword. it is the best android games offline which is a smart and cool addictive game. link the pictures and Predict the word and win- for example, you’ll see pics of STAR and ART: combine them to solve for START. Sometimes prediction of the word is very simple but other time you have to play with your brain and use common sense to get the correct word. 

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Dead Trigger is the next game in our list, it is an award-winning zombies Shooter Game. You have to kill bloodthirsty zombies, Secure vital supplies, Save other survivors, Protect the Safe Haven and Explore the city. Graphics of the game is excellent. There are multiple weapons you can you use to kill these zombies. If shooting games are part of your favorite list then it will not disappoint you.

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The Catapult is another simple and a cool android game which you can offline anytime. In this game ” The Catapult” you must help the stickman who is defending his castle from the siege weapons of the enemy. Use the catapult to throw stones at the opponent to break their weapons and kill them. controls are very simple and work without any issue. The music of the game is also good” personally “I love it.

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Run Sausage Run is the last game of our list but is the very entertaining and enjoyable game to play. Hot diggity dog, that’s a fine-looking’ hot dog run for his life through an endless path and avoid getting sliced, chopped, burned or smashed. it is one of the best android games offline.

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I hope you like our ‘article best android games offline’ if you have any suggestion or query pls comment.

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