has hugely increased in popularity in the past year, and the video sharing app now has a massive 800 million active users around the world.

A popular feature of the app is the page ‘For You’, where TIKTOK app suggests videos for you to enjoy, which they select off of what you generally like to watch.

That means, everyone’s For You page is personalized to them and their Choices, and almost like a blizzard, everyone’s is unique.

This though, has started to divide TikTok users, as individuals have come up with a name for the type of content you view on TikTok, and what appears on your for ‘You page’.

App users have divided the internet into two ‘edges’ of the app, based on what content you are watching, and even came up for names: ‘Alt TikTok’ and ‘Straight TikTok’.


Alt TikTok is the response to the standard, ‘popular’ videos on TikTok like people taking part in trends such as the ‘Pee Your Pants’ challenge.

Alt TikTok is more based on humour, and a humour which is somewhat you can’t explain. Alt TikTok is similar to Vines.

The gags made on Alt TikTok are only likely to be understood if you surf internet for lot of time.


You can enter this Alt TikTok quiz from here and describe you whether you are on Alt TikTok or straight TikTok.

Straight TikTok is the just opposite of Alt TikTok, and if you are on the ‘straight’ side you are more likely to find your ‘For You’ page packed with dancing videos.

The asks users a group of questions about their choice which they consume data for media on the app. It also checks if you are aware with any of the well-known TikTok creators. You will be categorized according to the answers you have provided at the end of the quiz.

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